GASO Basketball Decision Training


Basic Information

  • Boys Basketball Training
  • at ASC – Advantage Sports Complex in Carrollton
  • 8-12 Players per Training Session
  • 9 One-Hour Training Sessions in June/July/August
  • Cost: $360


Advantage Sports Complex
2800 N Interstate 35E, Carrollton, TX 75007


Session 1: How to play Pt. 1 – Motion/Ball Movement
June 2 10am-2pm
June 4 10am-2pm

Session 2: How to play Pt. 2 – Motion/Ball Movement
June 8 10am-2pm
June 9 10am-2pm

Session 3: How to play Pt. 3 – Motion/Ball Movement
June 16 10am-2pm
June 18 10am-2pm

Session 4: Playing with Screens – Off Ball Pt. 1
June 23 10am-2pm
June 25 10am-2pm

Session 5: Playing with Screens – Off Ball Pt. 2
July 14 10am-2pm
July 16 10am-2pm

Session 6: Playing with Screens – Ball Screens Pt. 1
July 20 10am-2pm
July 21 10am-2pm

Session 7: Playing with Screens – Ball Screens Pt. 2
July 28 10am-2pm
July 30 10am-2pm

Session 8: Transition Pt. 1 – How to utilize advantages in transition
Aug 4 10 am-2pm
Aug 6 10 am-2pm

Session 9: Transition Pt. 2 – How to utilize advantages in transition
Aug 9 2pm-6pm
Aug 10 6pm-8pm
Aug 13 6pm-8pm

Players will sign-up for 9 one-hour training sessions from the available training opportunities

Medical/Social Media Release

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Who will be running GASO BDT?

Great American Shoot Out and Varsity Basketball Coach Ryan Massad have collaborated to build a program that helps players “think the game” of basketball.

What exactly is GASO BDT?

GASO BDT is a 9 week training course developing kids in key essentials of the game of basketball. Through 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 4 on 4 scenarios, we have developed small sided games that include, Pick and Rolls, Reading Screens, Transition Execution and much more. Our goal is to help players reach their full potential.

Why should I join GASO BDT?

B. D. T. Stands for Basketball Decision Training. We are training players to become elite decision makers in all aspects of the game, while also developing skills that will translate into real game scenarios.

For more information:

Contact: Ryan Massad