Justin McBride

Continuing our film watching series before we drop the 2023 Rankings… More Rapid Reactions 👇

Drive Nation EYBL

  • I did not see Justin McBride’s name mentioned on Twitter once, and the dude has had some serious flashes in the game vs LOFDL (See gif).
  • JaMyron Keller is a man. I love the way he competes. He’s also better at something every time I see him.
  • David Terrell is an ELITE defender.

Cooz Elite

  • I am enjoying watching Ma’Syn Howell develop. He’s a true lockdown defender whose offensive game has gotten better.
  • Malakye Cunningham is a newcomer to the state and he poses a very fluid, pace-changing game.


  • Kendrick Deluna has made plays out of the short roll. He’s clearly playing high IQ basketball.
  • Fred Payne is dangerous off the PnR, if you go under, he will make you pay