2020 GASO Event and Game Rules

Duncanville Fieldhouse Protocol

(downloadable pdf)

Coach Player Referee Protocol

(downloadable pdf)

Game Rules NON Open Period

(downloadable pdf)

GASO Protocol

(downloadable pdf)

Important Rules and Regulations for NCAA Certified Events

All non-playing personal on bench must acquire a USAB Gold License to sit on the bench for open period/live events with D1 college coaches in attendance: (if you have a USAB Gold License from 2018, RENEW for 2019 using your current account…do NOT create a new account)

The USAB link to be used for renewing an existing USAB gold license or for obtaining a USAB gold license for the first time:


All coaches on the bench and all players must register for FREE through the NCAA BBCS website:

BBCS Registration for Coaches and Athletes

ECAG Users Manual for Coaches and Athletes

USAB Gold License registration fees:

The USAB gold license cost structure is as follows:

Before Jan 1 – $58.00

Jan 1-March 31, May and June 2020: $68 (plus additional background check fees if applicable)
April and July 2020 (event months): $142 (plus additional background check fees if applicable)

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