Gehrig Normand

As we gear up for our 2023 Rankings, I sat down and caught up on some teams I hadn’t seen this grassroots season. Below are my rapid reactions!


Texas Impact 4:13

  • TJ Burch is an incredibly gifted scorer around the bucket.
  • Evan Phelps speed pops off the screen.
  • Braylon Smith’s length and shooting ability.
  • Garrett Nuckolls has a STRAP.

Houston Defenders

  • Jamari McDowell has all the tools, and he is starting to blossom.
  • TyShawn Archie’s smoothness when he has the ball in his hands.
  • Kenneth Lewis’ length is eye-catching.

3D Empire

  • Gehrig Normand… The twitter hype matched the play…
  • Carter Ruck is tough to guard; he is a SNIPER and just knows how to play.
  • Jacob Hudson is an interesting fit with 3D, he has a lot of talent, I look forward and seeing how he looks at Memorial Day.